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Smash Academy OOC Community

Smash Academy's Main Community
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So! It looks like you ended up here, of all places.

...Yeah we know. Most stories start with once upon a time, but this isn't the beginning of a story. It's the middle, the end, a new start, or just something else entirely.

But whichever way it goes, you've just stumbled into your bus/car/inter-dimensional gateway/space ship/came back from the dead and for different reasons - sometimes willingly, sometimes confusingly, sometimes not knowingly, you ended up on a boarding school located on a high hill overlooking a city. The city's name, you soon learn; Final Destination. Sounds ominous doesn't it? But don't worry, you're not stuck here forever - in fact you'll find that things here tend to move around a lot. Then there's the school, towering above you.

Welcome to Super Smash Brothers Academy! (also known most of the students and staff as Smash Academy). It's goal is to educate the children and adults of tomorrow in the language arts, mathematics, science and---well---the art of beating the complete crap of each other.

That might be the first sign this school isn't perfectly normal. That and the giant bear that acts as the school's lunch-lady. Wait, is it you, or does it have a laser eye?

However you came, why ever you came, there's just something about this place that strikes your imagination, sets you free and makes you want to stay here. Maybe a month, maybe a year, maybe forever. But there's no denying that adventures are to be had, cities can be explored and it's a damn big universe out there. Better set yourself up to learn about it in the best way.


● Main Game Community (Game's announcements) smash_ooc
● Game Journal Community (Character's journal posts are here) smash_network
● Game Log Community (Game's stories and logs) smash_logs
● Creative Community (Artwork inspired by the game) smash_creative
● Crack/Meme Community smash_random
● Dressing Room (Try out characters here or just fool around) youre_smashing

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