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Hey it's Saturday, and you know what that means? MOVING DAY. Please to be following the following instructions:

► DID YOU MAKE YOUR NEW DW JOURNALS YET? YES? Good. NO? GO DO IT RIGHT NOW. Make all the icon mules you want, too. Or you could give DW your money, which is probably a better idea than giving LJ your money. If we have not received your DW journal names by next week, or unless we're aware of your activity circumstance, this will effectively act like a player's check and you will get the boot.

List of characters for whom we do not have DW journals for yet:

∙ Megaman X

∙ Lucas

∙ Kurow

∙ Bouffalant (Clover)
∙ Green's Charizard (Kerosene)
∙ Hilbert
∙ Hilda
∙ Lyra
∙ Silver
∙ Uxie

Super Mario Classic
∙ Waluigi

► TELL US THE JOURNAL NAMES. Okay, so you got your character journal names now? Excellent. Comment with them here, then take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with DW if you haven't already. It's very similar to LJ with just a few differences. Here is a very handy guide to Dreamwidth for LiveJournal users.

► IMPORT YOUR STUFF, IF YOU WANT. Since we are no longer a journal game this is not mandatory, but in the event you'd like to import everything (voice message posts, app posts, CR charts ect) from your LJ over, DW has a very handy and easy to use importer. It might take anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours, depending on how many entries/comments/icons you've got going on. The good news is you can start an import and it won't stop you from doing other things, so let's move on...

► JOIN and SUBSCRIBE to the follow communities:
smashacademy (or click here to join and here to subscribe)
smash_logs (or click here to join and here to subscribe)
smash_ooc (or click here to join and here to subscribe)
smash_creative (or click here to join and here to subscribe)
smash_random (or click here to join and here to subscribe)
youre_smashing (or click here to join and here to subscribe)

► GO HERE and make sure your dudes are listed. If they are not, leave a reply on this entry with the name tag you'd like. As you might of noticed the formatting for the tags has changed to: game series: character name or nickname (specie if applicable) We will format smash_logs to look the same way but this will take time since there are a lot more tags to go through. If you are interested in helping us with this massive endeavor, leave a comment and we'll tell you what needs to be done.

► If your character has any special permissions, please add them into the Permissions Post Directory. (Also not a bad idea to fill out the other permissions while you're there.)

► I know we just started one, but since we're going to be on DW now, please go add yourself into the new new GAME HMD.

► Fill out the new Contact Info form.

PLEASE NOTE WE'VE MADE SOME CHANGES TO THE RULES, such as 35 POKEMON CAP and SOME DUPLICATE CHARACTERS ARE ALLOWED NOW. Pokemon, NPC rules and other rules in general have also been reworded and simplified so they aren't as confusing. Go read the new rules here!

► ???


► Anything else you can check out here, as we've remade many of the pages, and added some new things in like an ATP easy copy/paste form and Hiatus & Drop page (WHICH YOU SHOULD BE USING BY THE WAY). If you have any questions, notice any typos, ect. Some entries are still works in progress, so they might not be accessible... but if you see anything else amiss, PLEASE LET US KNOW. Thank you guys very much! We know this is a big thing, so we really appreciate your cooperation and support.

You may continue to backdate your old logs on smash_logs and smash_network as we'll run the comm importer several times to collect those backtags until the end of March. You won't be messing anything up in the meantime, so no worries. But if you're making any new posts in any of the comms, please, starting today, January 14th make them on DW.

► The wiki is having problems. Pixle is working on it. There might be a change of serves in view.</font>

► See you there!
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