Klug (possessedbybook) wrote in smash_ooc,

Hello, Iyo here bringing in Klug from that one jelly popping puzzle game! He is a snarky goody-two shoes that is supposedly one of the best students from the magic school he's from and is very obsessed with the red book he always carries. He strives to become the best wizard ever so he can be popular, but no one really takes notice of him from Primp.

Oh a sadder note, I am dropping Spinny. I have not been able to get a handle on her voice well, as well as not having enough drive to find a direction. She had said her goodbyes and so forth before leaving.

I am also putting Kirby on hiatus, due to difficulty having a muse for him. I will try to figure out what I would want to do with him before I go about with him. As if I was doing much with him in the first place...
Tags: !dropped character, !new character

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