Pokey Minch (godisachild) wrote in smash_ooc,
Pokey Minch


This probably isn't a surprise to anyone with how little I tend to be around here, but I may as well make it official. I'm going to end up dropping Pokey.

While I was only here a couple of months, it was nice to know I could even get in the game. And the reason for the drop is more that it just isn't my type of game than anything. The game itself, and the sense of community around here, are beautiful, but I'm just having a hard time adapting to the game itself and have been for a while, so it'd be kind of unfair to character squat in the chance that another, more active Pokey could be found.

I may not have done much, but it was nice to be a part of this game either way, and I appreciate the fact that I had been invited to join it to begin with. Thank you very much for the kindness and hospitality I've been shown while I've been here. You're a lovely community, and I wish you all the best.

IC-wise, Pokey will just pretty much be leaving to dick around time and space some more. He'll probably leave hastily scrawled, childishly threatening notes for the members of the Chosen Four here.

Thanks guys. Sorry I wasn't as active as I could've been.
Tags: !dropped character
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