Ivysaur [Bulba] (besteststarter) wrote in smash_ooc,
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Whoops I should have done this earlier but there's no time like a deadline. Anyway, I am going on a hiatus. My sincerest apologies to those I was in mistletoes with and my ooc secret santees, but I will try to get back to those when things have calmed down.

In case you were somehow not aware, I am moving! 6:30 am on Wednesday! To another country! So I am kind of going nuts with getting things together and packed and urararara. And then I will be there and trying to settle in and urrararara. And I bought Skyrim today so. AND THEN ORIENTATION AND FIRST DAY OF CLASS HAPPENS URARARARARA.

tl;dr let's say Bret is hiatusing for maybe like a month (at the most! just to be safe!) with slow tags on mistletoes and anything that drastically needs my presence. None of my dudes are doing anything out of the ordinary or going missing, so just continue about normal with them ♥

Dear Canada please brace yourself.
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