January 4th, 2012

surprise-woah there!

oh well

I, for one, am excited to make the move to Dreamwidth. However, one of my characters is not coming with me. I'm dropping Lip.

I had a long, awesome time with her, but it's become apparent that I've pretty much completely lost her voice. I've tried to rekindle it multiple times, but it's a losing game. My special apologies to Amanda and Kat for taking a peg out of the Lucas- Lip- Warren triangle. It was tons of fun while it lasted.

EDIT: She did leave presents for everyone before she left, along with some letters... it was time for her to take over duties at Popples.


I'm afraid I should take a slowatus for now, since I'm still trying to get surefooted about starting classes and all that bidness. I need to find a good equilibrium between tags, school, and the rest of my life. Tags will putt along at a slow rate, but I might be able to shoot them in fast when I can. :D

This affects Pit and Rhys. Thanks for your patience!