January 2nd, 2012

scale these mountains

PSI Farewell!

Welp. 8C If by some strange strange chance you still have him on your f-lists... please friend remove swordofkings.

Poo's been great and loads of fun to play. I could never ever ask for better castmates or amazing CR. But I will soon be entering a period of my life where I will be working two jobs and this won't be the last drop I eventually make. Not now, not soon, but eventually. There's things I'd like to do and stuff I'd like to finish before I get to those points, but Poo hasn't really had a lot going on as it were. I think the well has been running a little dry with him for a while, and I tried to stick it out as long as I could.

IC-wise, he went back to Dalaam and got very caught up in some politics, and had to stay there. Ness, Jeff and Paula can assume in a couple of weeks that he'll send out letters stating this officially, when classes start back up and he's not around.

I do have a DW account for him, so mayhaps you will see him around in memes in the meantime.