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21 Dec, 2011(no subject)
You cannot expect to carry on like that
I am trying my damndest to reply but for some reason I can't comment on anything in any thread, and I tested that on three different accounts. I can't even reply to posts I made. I have a feeling that my participation in that lj_release thread earlier has something to do with it, because I was able to reply to that just fine until all of a sudden.

I saw exactly one other person report that and they said that refreshing several times let them reply, but I've yet to find that magic number. So for right now I just want you all to know that in case something happens to my accounts or the accounts of others. Just in case my paranoia is correct.
20 Dec, 2011 - OTL OTL OTL
Unknown paths
I do live. (as do Silver and Hilda... who have been antisocial and doing school stuff... I guess?)


Life just sucker punched me in the gut in terms of internet access and what I could and could not load.... which was limited to a few sites and even then they didn't always load and I had random drop outs all over the place.

But, suffice to say, the problem is fixed and I have fast, reliable net again.

So umm... would anyone mind filling me in what I have missed, please?
15 Dec, 2011(no subject)
Good evening, Smash Academy. This is Helena checking in with a new character in my roster, Sparkster from the Rocket Knight series!

He will be joining the security team and making sure students are safe from serial killers, giant mechas, overlords and whatever crazy stuff  tries to attack the school. His app is right here.

And now with a mule account: opossumknight
pensive → pliskin away
Mako here!
I apparently decided five could not be enough.

This. Is Snake. Solid Snake. Snake Number Five Billion And Two.
I'm pulling him from a little after Sons of Liberty (MGS2). He won't be having any immediate teaching position as his introduction's going to be a bit gradual.
When he does come around, he'll be calling himself Pliskin for a while. Have fun figuring that out.

Long story short:
Snake's kind of a narcissist, kind of a sexist, but a mostly calm and composed guy. Not the most talkative olive on the branch. Kind of impatient when he wants to get to the point. Is fairly technologically impaired (save his codec). But good to have at your back if you're in a bind. You get on his good side and things will probably be fine. Piss him off and he gonna cut you up so bad you gonna wish he didn't cut you up so bad you won't get so lucky.

You can find some interesting stuff on his profile, however, to save you the trouble, I'll be linking it here.
Timeline (For Smash, Under Construction)
CR Chart (Under Construction)

I'll try to keep everything reasonably up to date (but we see how I am with the other ones), so check back from time to time.
As per the usual, contact me for questions or concerns, plotting ideas, et cetera.
14 Dec, 2011 - Hiatus. Is. Over.
omg glistening man sweat
I have one final exam in Romantic Era Poetry to take on Friday. But I don't care. I will study for that for like half an hour and be done with it. I need to get, like, a 50% on that final to keep my A in the course.

This means. My hiatus. Is done. I will be gently rejoining the action.

This effects Maximilian Justice Powers, Bowser Koopa XIII, Apple Kid (née Childs), and Duster Foxe Jacket.

Yes, I am amazing at coming up with middle names, thank you.
14 Dec, 2011 - NO MORE HIATUS!!!
this machete was made for you and me
14 Dec, 2011 - Fandom Poll, Last day!
[Human] Chibi
Tonight is the last day to vote for the game franchises you want into the game. Remember to vote them by order you want them in!

Did you just send me rows of soap

Send them over at this post, please (and follow the directions!)
11 Dec, 2011(no subject)
haha my motivation went kaput. slowatus until further notice, affects amaterasu and daroach. sorry %)
8 Dec, 2011(no subject)
i kno i just started but i need to hiatus u___u finals/Certain Other Things are hitting me hard right now and then it will be winter and i will not be paying attention to the itnernet at all

8 Dec, 2011 - DEHIATUSING.
Happy: Hi! I'm Cream!
.... Wow, that hiatus took a LOT longer than I expected. Sorry it took so long. I really, really had to give RP a rest for a while. Then RL hit me, Thanksgiving (before, during, and sometime after) hit, and finally RL hit me again. and then to top it all off I got sick a couple days ago. BLAH. But I feel pretty good now sans my sickness!

So yeah. I think I'm all set for full steam ahead. I hope you guys can forgive me for that abnormally-long hiatus. Won't let it happen again. x.x

Anyhow, Cream is back! Try not to let the adorableness kill you.
8 Dec, 2011 - Round 2!
Devil in black
Secret Santa Round Two has begun! All the requests have been sent to your PM boxes this time.
And I apologize for that RL has been hitting with a few ballcurves.

THAT BEING SAID, the NEXT ROUND will be sent out TOMORROW (the 7th). If I have not received anything from someone by the 7th at Noon Eastern tomorrow, they are automatically removed for the 2nd round. NO EXCEPTIONS especially since the first due date was the 3rd. (except for the single person who is doing my SS since I want to be surprised along with the rest of you and asked that they submit them on the 20th. However, I have been told they are all done and I trust them enough to know that it is so). Send this here.

YOU ARE ALSO ALLOWED TO CONTINUE TO ADD MORE TO YOUR FIRST SS IF YOU LIKE! Like say inspiration hits you tomorrow. You can still send stuff. As long as I already have something in.

The request will be sent out tomorrow and the new due date will be the 17th to reflect this.

Again if you want to sign up for the next round last minute, there is still space! If you can't think of ten things, 5-6 will do.
uh what
Hooookay, time to get real.

School finals. Christmas job. Life. Gonna be a long week and a half.


Untiiiil...the 13th.

Goes for Mac, Ema, Skarmory, and Peach.

See yaaaaall.
5 Dec, 2011 - hey guys remember me

oh my god i am off hiatus.

what do I do now.

anyways i am open for plotting things so please hit me up so we can plot awesome things.
book keepiest
Hello! The results of the poll are over and these eleven game companies have been selected to be part of our vote. Please take a look at all of the companies and look at the game series they offer before voting on them (links are provided so it's easy!) Then reply to this post with THE TOP THREE COMPANIES YOU WOULD LIKE IN ORDER FROM 1-3.


Lucasart Games (Monkey Island, Sam & Max, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Grim Fandango, The Dig, Loom, Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders)
Namco (Soulcaliber, Tales Series, Tekken, Klonoa)
Sierra (King's Quest, Quest for Glory, Gabriel Knight, Police Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, Willy Beamish, Phantasmagoria, Evil Genius)
Rare (Banjo-Kazooie, Battletoads, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Perfect Dark, Viva Piñata)
Atlus (Megami Tensei, Persona, Tactics Ogre, Rockin' Kats, Trauma Center/Team)
Tecmo Koei (Dead or Alive, Fatal Frame, Monster Rancher, Samurai Warriors, Dynasty Warriors, Ninja Gaiden, Angelique)
Blizzard (Starcraft, Warcraft, Diablo, Lost Vikings, Rock n' Roll Racing)
Bethesda (Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Rage)
Valve (Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress, Portal, Left 4 Dead)
Level 5 (Dark Cloud, Professor Layton,White Knight Chronicles, Jeanne d'Arc)
Double Fine (Psychonauts, Brutal Legend)

We'll be letting you vote until December 14th and the results will get posted on Christmas! Enjoy and please, pick carefully!

- Smash Mods
serious smoker
Hello everyone. Majima Constructions is come to town. This is Toni with terrible decision character #4, from the Yakuza/Ryu Ga Gotoku games.

Patriarch of the Tojo Clan's Majima Family
Goro Majima


He's going to be security guarding, starting underground fight tournaments, getting his construction company to fix all those holes you keep punching in the school, and generally being an unhinged freak. His app his here if you're masochistic enough to try and delve through Japanese crime drama backstories.

Meanwhile, Toni still on slowatus because she thought her job contract was over but is suddenly an on call animator for at least the next week. Gonna do my best to ease my way into tagging more again.
2 Dec, 2011(no subject)
Oh. Well I uh. Kind of fell off the face of the internet since Thanksgiving. Whoops. My bad. A bunch of stuff came up (nothing bad, just... distracting), so I'm gonna go ahead and announce hiatus. Dunno how long it'll last. Definitely over the weekend, but possibly into next week too. We'll see. Sorry to everyone who's been waiting on tags. Feel free to punch remind me whenever I get back into the RP swing of things.
Bedroom eyes
Don't forget they are closing tomorrow! If you absoluetely need an extended time, please talk to me and I will give you a few extra days. It's cool, considering that nothing will get posted until the 20th around in any case. But I would like most of everything done by tomorrow if possible. Thank you!

That being said, if you want to participate in the next round where the names will get picked out on the 4th, please send your signup name and ten requests to this post. If you wish to SIGN OUT of the 2nd round, please post in there well with your username just to I know who you are. You will be taken out of Round 2.
2 Dec, 2011(no subject)
cut for picture.Collapse )

Hello, Smash. Essay here is bringing you a very regular cat.

And by very regular, I mean an undead cat with the powers of the dead, time manipulation, and all of those fun little things.

He is otherwise known as Sissel from Ghost Trick, and he is excitnyanyanyanyanya


Hello everyone! It's time for Bret to be obnoxious I mean Did you know we have a height chart for all of our dudes? No?

Well we do! And it is ridiculously useful for many occasions. I am in love with the height chart. I would like to see it complete!

So if you notice that your dudes are not on there, I would like to politely request they be added! Alternatively, if you are wary of editing the wiki yourself, you can leave a comment on this post and I'd be more than happy to add them for you.

Thank you dears ♥

PS if I made this post to the wrong community I will move it accordingly ok thank you.
29 Nov, 2011(no subject)
Ah, right, I almost forgot! I'll be calling a hiatus for a while. Some things have come up Skyward Sword, so I'm going to be a bit busy for a while. Not only that, but I have been losing my original excitement for roleplaying lately, and haven't been doing much with my characters, if it was not already obvious.

This affects green_thundah, ordonaryguy, distortionnoise, feelslikepants, and not_authorized.
You have given me pause
Anyone who signed up for the Red Chain plot in this thread, I need to speak with you about the overall plot. PM me or reply to this message, because I can't bring Cyrus back until I know who knows what about his actions and disappearence. I need to have everything laid out for convienence, so we don't have anything contradictory happening during backtagging.

But please, after six months of work and planning, I don't want to just handwave everything. I want to play it out, and given the initial enthusiasm, I know at least some of you do as well.

The actual Red Chain thread is here, so please, if you signed up for it, talk to me about what's going on.

I really don't want to seem like a nag and I really hate that I know some of you think I am. But I really want to get this thread worked on, just to certain points.
26 Nov, 2011(no subject)
I have Brawl
Hey guys. Guess what.

- Liz reapped a character.

- Liz has no willpower

- Princess Peach is back.

- Nothing really is different except she's a TA now.

You may now go back to your scheduled RPing.
26 Nov, 2011(no subject)
so hi hello my name is tara/cary (either!) and here i am bringing you a gray fox from metal gear! he is looking for someone to build big boss a metal gear, so i hope all you robotics geniuses are prepared for some schmoozing. he is also recruiting soldiers for outer heaven, so i hope all you kids are prepared for some creeping.

um thats all! i love you. the end.
In light of recent events, we're just popping in to say that we're allowing everyone an extra non-Nintendo character slot! That's right--you can now have two characters from Capcom, Squeenix, and our newly-added franchises of Sega and Konami. USE THEM WISELEY.

Please don't forget to suggest other franchises you'd like to see appable in the future!
25 Nov, 2011(no subject)
hello, hello, haji here. uh so the end of the semester is nearing and that means FINALS! but also, if you have me on plurk you might remember me complaining about my internet being 'i'm not gonna load balls only blank pages for you!!!' slow? well its doing it again and apparently there's some 'regional outage' so idk when it will be back to normal. but sometimes its slow but still workable (like now)

so i'm putting myself on itty bitty mini hiatus/slowatus until dec 17 or so.
affects Morty and Rayquaza.
[human] SADNESS x ∞ noshave
A Big Thank You and a Big AnnouncementCollapse )

IN OTHER NEWS this modpost will be filled with important reminders and announcements!

  • We have a NEW GAME-WIDE HMD POST. You are not required to use it but it is considered good RP etiquette and highly encouraged. Please tell your game mates what they're doing right! Everyone could use a bit of encouragement! And if you think there's something to improve upon, well, who doesn't want to improve, right?

  • November's Creative theme is Suit Attire and submissions will be due no later than November 29th!

  • Round 1 of SECRET SANTA ends December 3rd! Send all your finished pieces HERE.

  • Additionally, we are coming close to filling up all of our Poke-Slots! We are currently at (27/30).

  • How are you guys doing on No-Shave November? Both Headmaster Hand and Crazy Hand are getting into the spirit too.

Have a safe and happy holiday Smash if you're celebrating. Most the mods will be, and thus we will adjourn Friday, the 25th, to review apps and take care of business.

Oh and one more thing!Collapse )
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