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As many of you already know, we've gone over the results of the poll, and have made a decision to move to Dreamwidth, along with 18 other games and counting. Our tentative moving date is January 14th, though we'll keep you posted if anything changes.

With the community import system, we hope to have everything sent over by that time, but feel free to post/backdate to your heart's content! We'll likely run several imports, and all the old material will slide on in right under the new stuff, so backdate as long as you need.

We'll be taking these two weeks to prepare everything for the move--you can have a little preview right here. Dreamwidth is not requiring invites through the end of the year, which we realize is just one more day, but we'll be very happy to provide anyone with invite codes if those become necessary again (they're not hard to come by). Dreamwidth also allows for journal imports, so everything you've got on your character journal can be ported right over, comments included.

We definitely understand that packing up and leaving LJ is a major decision and possibly a little uncomfortable. As the mods, we want to ensure that the move is as painless as possible, so please do not hesitate to ask us questions about what's going to happen or voice concerns about how this is all going to go down. That's what we're here for!

Finally, these links contain a great deal of resources about modifying Dreamwidth, RPing there, and the LJ to Dreamwidth move in general.

EDIT: Pix is currently putting up threads for each of our canons. If you have a Dreamwidth account for your character, go ahead and leave it under their canon threads--this is just a way for us to get the new taken list going ahead of time. Thanks!

SON OF EDIT: Please use this form and reply below with your old LJ and new DW journals for each character. You have until the 12th to do so:

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