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I really hate doing this, since I'm attached to all of my characters and love them. This was a really hard decision to make. But I need to face the music (no pun intended). I'm dropping Jake.

He had a good run, and I had a lot of fun with him. But I haven't done anything significant with him in months, I've had a hell of a time trying to find things for him to get involved with, and I'm completely out of ideas for him. So when the move takes place, he won't be coming along.

I apologize to everyone who had CR with Jake, especially Liz, Whit, Pixle and Chris. But this has been a long time coming. Maybe one day I'll pick him up again, if the drive comes back. But in the meantime, I don't want to character sit. If anyone else wants him, you have my blessings.

See you on DW, with the rest of my dudes!
12 Jan, 2012(no subject)
[chibi] HURDUR
We're moving yet again. Exciting. Thus, for the next week or two, I'll be packing, moving, settling in, and waiting for net to get stable again.

Affects Goose, Sissel, N, and Waka. See you guys on Dreamwidth. ヾ(・ω・*)
8 Jan, 2012(no subject)
Hiatusing until next Sunday at the latest.
8 Jan, 2012(no subject)
Upward gaze
OKAY. I am hiatusing until the DW move. Basically I need some time to clear my head. My head is clogged with things. I will probably not be on AIM or Plurk, but may respond to current logs. Other than that I'll not be here.

If you need to reach me, you can e-mail me at carbonatedwater84@gmail.com or those of you who have my phone number can call me.

Affects Byrne, Phoenix Wright, and Wario.
6 Jan, 2012(no subject)
Hello, Iyo here bringing in Klug from that one jelly popping puzzle game! He is a snarky goody-two shoes that is supposedly one of the best students from the magic school he's from and is very obsessed with the red book he always carries. He strives to become the best wizard ever so he can be popular, but no one really takes notice of him from Primp.

Oh a sadder note, I am dropping Spinny. I have not been able to get a handle on her voice well, as well as not having enough drive to find a direction. She had said her goodbyes and so forth before leaving.

I am also putting Kirby on hiatus, due to difficulty having a muse for him. I will try to figure out what I would want to do with him before I go about with him. As if I was doing much with him in the first place...
6 Jan, 2012(no subject)
what are you hearing ulki
Ulki is on hiatus until we finish our move to DW because of reasons.

That is all!
Pondering, Pouting
To anyone who has gotten an account in December "LJ is offering refunds as a "one-time courtesy" if you put in a billing inquiry and the payment was within the last month"

Submit your query here: http://www.livejournal.com/contact/?dept=billing

Other players from various games have suggested you mention you are unsatisfied with the new changes, the issues loading it, and if you're someone who got migraines from the site (I know I have three people so far who have told me they literally cannot look at the LJ stuff anymore). Regardless, please be polite in your request and you will most certainly get it. There has been word they also give back gifted accounts as well (I assume this must be asked from the gifted).

They will only refund if you bought accounts in December, but it's extremely useful for those who just bought accounts before the move.
6 Jan, 2012 - Dropping
This probably isn't a surprise to anyone with how little I tend to be around here, but I may as well make it official. I'm going to end up dropping Pokey.

While I was only here a couple of months, it was nice to know I could even get in the game. And the reason for the drop is more that it just isn't my type of game than anything. The game itself, and the sense of community around here, are beautiful, but I'm just having a hard time adapting to the game itself and have been for a while, so it'd be kind of unfair to character squat in the chance that another, more active Pokey could be found.

I may not have done much, but it was nice to be a part of this game either way, and I appreciate the fact that I had been invited to join it to begin with. Thank you very much for the kindness and hospitality I've been shown while I've been here. You're a lovely community, and I wish you all the best.

IC-wise, Pokey will just pretty much be leaving to dick around time and space some more. He'll probably leave hastily scrawled, childishly threatening notes for the members of the Chosen Four here.

Thanks guys. Sorry I wasn't as active as I could've been.
Good evening, Smash Academy! Just a few quick announcements.

Remember when we all voted on the next three gaming franchises to be allowed in the game? It's a little late for Christmas, but here we are!


All games from these franchises are now appable! Our lists are currently a little scrambled as we work on the move, but rest assured that we're working on an overhaul of just about everything as we transfer our stuff from Livejournal to Dreamwidth.

Speaking of! We'll be streamlining some of our rules in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled for more posts of the modly variety. This is also your friendly reminder that the Dreamwidth move is scheduled for January 14th, so please take the time to create an account (no invite code needed) and let us know your new character journal.

That's all for now. Stay tuned!
4 Jan, 2012 - Slowatusususususus
I'm afraid I should take a slowatus for now, since I'm still trying to get surefooted about starting classes and all that bidness. I need to find a good equilibrium between tags, school, and the rest of my life. Tags will putt along at a slow rate, but I might be able to shoot them in fast when I can. :D

This affects Pit and Rhys. Thanks for your patience!
4 Jan, 2012 - end hiatus
do you remember our last dance?
I return! Had a lovely last weekend with August, who is now in Basic Training for the US Coast Guard. I'm so proud of him. ♥

WHAT ALL DID I MISS? Besides us getting ready to move.
4 Jan, 2012 - oh well
surprise-woah there!
I, for one, am excited to make the move to Dreamwidth. However, one of my characters is not coming with me. I'm dropping Lip.

I had a long, awesome time with her, but it's become apparent that I've pretty much completely lost her voice. I've tried to rekindle it multiple times, but it's a losing game. My special apologies to Amanda and Kat for taking a peg out of the Lucas- Lip- Warren triangle. It was tons of fun while it lasted.

EDIT: She did leave presents for everyone before she left, along with some letters... it was time for her to take over duties at Popples.
Confused: Whaaa?
Yeah, Cream's just not working for me. At all. I'm afraid I won't be here for when you guys move to DW, but I wish you all the best. (Cream just feels too much like Chiyo-chan, whom I played for a long time at Mayfield.)

Most of you have my Plurk and/or AIM, so keep in touch. As for me, I'm shaping my shit up and dropping some RPs and moving into some new territory, RP and character wise.

See you guys around!
2 Jan, 2012 - PSI Farewell!
scale these mountains
Welp. 8C If by some strange strange chance you still have him on your f-lists... please friend remove swordofkings.

Poo's been great and loads of fun to play. I could never ever ask for better castmates or amazing CR. But I will soon be entering a period of my life where I will be working two jobs and this won't be the last drop I eventually make. Not now, not soon, but eventually. There's things I'd like to do and stuff I'd like to finish before I get to those points, but Poo hasn't really had a lot going on as it were. I think the well has been running a little dry with him for a while, and I tried to stick it out as long as I could.

IC-wise, he went back to Dalaam and got very caught up in some politics, and had to stay there. Ness, Jeff and Paula can assume in a couple of weeks that he'll send out letters stating this officially, when classes start back up and he's not around.

I do have a DW account for him, so mayhaps you will see him around in memes in the meantime.
31 Dec, 2011 - IMPORTANTE

As many of you already know, we've gone over the results of the poll, and have made a decision to move to Dreamwidth, along with 18 other games and counting. Our tentative moving date is January 14th, though we'll keep you posted if anything changes.

With the community import system, we hope to have everything sent over by that time, but feel free to post/backdate to your heart's content! We'll likely run several imports, and all the old material will slide on in right under the new stuff, so backdate as long as you need.

We'll be taking these two weeks to prepare everything for the move--you can have a little preview right here. Dreamwidth is not requiring invites through the end of the year, which we realize is just one more day, but we'll be very happy to provide anyone with invite codes if those become necessary again (they're not hard to come by). Dreamwidth also allows for journal imports, so everything you've got on your character journal can be ported right over, comments included.

We definitely understand that packing up and leaving LJ is a major decision and possibly a little uncomfortable. As the mods, we want to ensure that the move is as painless as possible, so please do not hesitate to ask us questions about what's going to happen or voice concerns about how this is all going to go down. That's what we're here for!

Finally, these links contain a great deal of resources about modifying Dreamwidth, RPing there, and the LJ to Dreamwidth move in general.

EDIT: Pix is currently putting up threads for each of our canons. If you have a Dreamwidth account for your character, go ahead and leave it under their canon threads--this is just a way for us to get the new taken list going ahead of time. Thanks!

SON OF EDIT: Please use this form and reply below with your old LJ and new DW journals for each character. You have until the 12th to do so:

30 Dec, 2011 - And we're flying away
Sorry guys, but despite how much I love the game, and everyone here, for right now, I can't with Mr. Trollkoma himself.

NEVER FEAR I am going to hopefully have another character in soon, but I feel very guilty about having him and not doing a dang thing with him.

His cafe is going to look rundown starting tomorrow, with boards in the windows and everything. And everything will be gone with nothing to salvage.

30 Dec, 2011 - ANOTHER HIATUS!
As posted on my plurk, I'll be visiting my fiancé for New Years and will be staying at his house until he hopefully* gets shipped off to Basic Training on January 3rd. ;__; Then it'll be 8+ weeks without him... So I'm leaving tomorrow and won't be back until Tuesday. His house doesn't have internet so I'll be offline until I get back home. I hope everyone has a safe and fun New Years though! I'll post Raikov's New Years gifts when I get back. (Since he doesn't celebrate American Christmas.)

Raikov, Liquid, and Kojiro are affected.

*There's a bunch of stupid reasons he could get delayed again. Keep your fingers crossed he doesn't.
29 Dec, 2011 - Hiatus.
MGS3 -- Check it
Give me a few.

I need a small RP-break, since I think I've been not-posting enough without notice. @_@

Maybe parachute, maybe clown care, yanno? Some ants toot. Clancy.
29 Dec, 2011 - who's this dbag
okay i guess i'm off hiatus?
thats kind of scary

what do i do now?
what have i missed??
question mark???!!
28 Dec, 2011 - the flood is done
following lucas around~
And with that, I'm done flooding everyone's F-lists. YOU SEE, from the 29th to about 4-5 days, I'm heading off for some beach funtimes on Bali for a vacation. I'll try to sneak in tags, but I can't guarantee all the tags flawlessly, so expect either very nearly-hiatus or a full-blown hiatus.


Affects batchigu, punchpokeballs, water_and_steel, and balloon_derp
27 Dec, 2011 - whoops
[WHAT] And I raaaan I ran so far awaaaay
Whoops I should have done this earlier but there's no time like a deadline. Anyway, I am going on a hiatus. My sincerest apologies to those I was in mistletoes with and my ooc secret santees, but I will try to get back to those when things have calmed down.

In case you were somehow not aware, I am moving! 6:30 am on Wednesday! To another country! So I am kind of going nuts with getting things together and packed and urararara. And then I will be there and trying to settle in and urrararara. And I bought Skyrim today so. AND THEN ORIENTATION AND FIRST DAY OF CLASS HAPPENS URARARARARA.

tl;dr let's say Bret is hiatusing for maybe like a month (at the most! just to be safe!) with slow tags on mistletoes and anything that drastically needs my presence. None of my dudes are doing anything out of the ordinary or going missing, so just continue about normal with them ♥

Dear Canada please brace yourself.
26 Dec, 2011 - hiatus.
02; wwwwaaaaaiii~
AAAAAAAAAAAND now that I'm done spamming everyone's f-list with Christmas presents; it's that time of the year again! Yes, I will be off to Las Vegas from the 26th until the 1st of January. I will have my computer, and I might be doing a bit of tagging. Not a whole lot, though.

SO. Hiatus for: Marie, EVA, Eli, Gold, Ai, and since Tara will be with me, Gray Fox.

We've switched the log and network communities on a temporary layout fix for easier seeing (and also because we like our parent and subject lines). We apologize that the links are no longer viewable, but thankfully we are keeping the other communities as is.

Thank you Kat for giving paid account because this fix actually requires S2. However this fix should at least give you subject lines, parent and will load a tag where it is currently for long replies instead of loading the entire thing.

As a reminder, don't forget to go discuss and vote regarding livejournal's layout and options and what you'd like to do in regards to it.
23 Dec, 2011(no subject)
And so Saff become the most obvious person in the world and bring you her fourth dude; a blond girl, but this time a happier, cheery blond. She's Amitie from some jellies game no one cares about er I mean Puyo Puyo.

She's generally. A happy child. Very. And unfortunately for Milimili, she'll be her new roommate. Her app is here if anyone's curious or anything.

And. I have nothing else to add, let's just continue all the shenanigans.

ETA: Wait I do, let's face it, LJ is really. Not Cool. at the moment so I'm also putting myself on semi-hiatus.
22 Dec, 2011 - IC SECRET SANTA
the school prom's comin up soon

Under the cut is a list of all the names submitted to me for IC Secret Santa. Each character on the list gifts the character directly below them. The last character on the list gifts the first character on the list.



IF YOU SEE A MISTAKE please let me know! Additionally, if you missed the sign-ups and want to throw your dudes in, tell me and I'll see what I can do!

22 Dec, 2011(no subject)
I'm the MF Tarasque!
De-hiatus, Fsck it, gotta just pick it up! 

Did you even know I was gone? I've been in chat daily, whoops. Here we go!
22 Dec, 2011(no subject)
yep, semi-to-full-hiatus (might tag on occasion, we'll see) until things are a little calmer.

affects goose, n, sissel, and waka.
book keepiest

Starting on December 22nd 1:00AM EST, Livejournal's New Site-Scheme (Update 88) was put online. The public outlash so far has been pretty vocal on their page (you can go read it here). A few hours ago LJ put up a new post regarding the update and what they are doing to fix it. However, we'd like your opinion regarding Livejournal, the new layout, LJ-related things we have come to expect as gamers; Titles, Comments (you can't click on a single comment anymore due to the lack of titles), parent links, etc.,if you'd like to wait to see if the choices will be reinstalled or if you'd rather move anyway.

Things to consider:
- This isn't an instant change there will be no moving, if any, before the holidays are over
- There are currently a few workarounds for the LJ layout.
- People who have paid accounts (As in put in money for their accounts and would be losing money making the move to another service)
- Again, the vote helps us give an idea of what the member's feelings currently are, and we may end up not moving at all, depending on what happens. But your view is very important.

Poll #1805033 Moving

After looking at the new features, would you wish to move from Livejournal?

Yes, but I'd like to wait to see what LJ does/see if there will be any good 3rd party work arounds
I wouldn't mind either way
I wouldn't mind either way, but I'd like to wait to see what LJ does/see if there will be any good 3rd party work arounds

If there was a movement anywhere, we made a list that details what the 'big three' alternate journal-like websites offer, with comparisons to each other and Livejournal.

Poll #1805034 Options

In the event that we decide to move, which in the three options would you be most satisfied with? (Click all the ones you wouldn't mind)

Other (Specify Below)

Feel free to discuss below as well, and what you think. Thank you!
- Smash Mods
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